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A.2.J. CALLS ON D.I.G. in NEWEST SINGLE "Come Thru". Listen Here:

A2J CALLS ON his FAVORITE FEATURE, D.I.G., for ANOTHER CLASSIC collab by the YOUNG pair of songwriters produced by THE GREAT Chach W/ The Heat. The "Palace" rappers are KNOWN for DELIVERING on a 9/10 90% clip, RARELY MISSING when releasing together, and this track is NO DIFFERENT! A2J is heard on the HOOK and on the CLOSING VERSE and D.I.G. is heard OPENING the song, after the first hook.

The DUO is one we have heard from OVER and OVER again, and you would think they would let off the gas pedal. That doesn't seem to be the case as RUMORS have been heard to be circulating around A2J, and D.I.G., about a "Collab Collection tape" in the FUTURE. A collection tape? Rest assured, Day One Vibes will be THE FIRST to let you know of ANY UPDATES around the "Up All Night" songwriters and ANY FUTURE DROPS, PROJECTS, or NEWS.

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