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A2J TAGS in T.R.U.E. artist on NEW SINGLE "Expensive Love"

Villain Vision Music FOUNDER and OWNER "A2J" DROPS ANOTHER HEATER for fans and followers to ENJOY. On this one, the "Middle of the Night" rapper TAGS IN a teammate for A HUGE SINGLE.

"Expensive Love" is a track featuring T.R.U.E. Artist "JB" and is one that listeners WILL NOT be disappointed with. In a mix of MELODY, SUBSTANCE, EMOTION, and a WHOLE LOT OF #TRUE, the STAR artists managed to CREATE A CLASSIC with their NEWEST COLLAB.

Listen to "Expensive Love" on #DOV (#DayOneVibes) or On Soundcloud (@A2J).

#ExpensiveLove #VVM #TRUE #DOV #DayOneVibes #A2J #JB

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