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ANTI-Biden Stickers APPEAR in South Texas towns.

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr, is the current "RESIDENT" of the White House in the United States of America.

Americas "Most Popular President of ALL TIME" has been the CENTER of CONTROVERSY after CONTROVERSY since his administration entered the oval office on January 20th, 2021. Among the MANY challenges the administration has faced, the SPIKE in GAS PRICES is one problem ENOUGH to raise the eyebrows of American consumers around the country, from Urban City areas, to Suburban areas, and rural small towns alike.

A country once DIVIDED seems to be finding its footing again as it UNITES against the current White House RESIDENT and its administrations harmful policies. From Neglecting the duty of protecting American citizens living along parts of the southern border, to his DISASTROUS Military withdrawal in Afghanistan that left 13 Military members dead, and 300+ Americans LEFT BEHIND to watch Afghan refugees and Non green card holders to be FLOWN OUT of Afghanistan to America, The CAREER POLITICIAN is off to a TOUGH start in his FIRST YEAR of his Residence in the Oval office and it doesnt seem itll be getting better any time soon.

That being said, Small rural towns are starting to feel the effects of INFLATION at the GAS PUMPS, and in their FOOD PRICES. The PEOPLE are beginning to DEMAND answers. The PEOPLE are starting to QUESTION their "LEADERS". Wondering WHEN and HOW the politicians of this country DECIDED to OVERSTEP their AUTHORITY. Citizens around the COUNTRY have adopted a NEW FAVORITE phrase in "F#CK JOE BIDEN". They are AWARE of the DAMAGES of the poor policy decisions being made by CAREER POLITICIANS who have not contributed positively to society but have ENRICHED themselves through TAXPAYER money and SPECIAL INTERESTS and AGENDAS.

In a small town NOT KNOWN to be political, but with GRASS ROOTS family values and community unity, DayOneVibes found ANTI- Biden stickers on GAS PUMPS at MULTIPLE gas stations across the town. It seems even the BLUEST of areas in AMERICA are getting concerned about the direction of the country.

One Year in and Joe Biden is testing the citizens of the Country. How much more are THE PEOPLE willing to take?

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