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Benny Dreamz and NEW PARTNER take to LAREDO, TX. READ MORE:

The 2021 Texas Wrestling Review "Rookie of the Year" is off to a FAST START in 2022. CONTINUING his STREAKING MOMENTUM, while still inside his FIRST YEAR of his YOUNG career, the NEW WRESTLING SENSATION is fresh off of his FIRST WIN with "Gulf Coast Wrestling Alliance" and is making A LOT OF NOISE with wrestling fans on the internet, AND at SHOWS.

The STARS reputation is building as somewhat of a FAN FAVORITE amongst the LOCAL SOUTH TEXAS SCENE. We recently deployed our own "Day One Vibes journalist" to an "AFTER HOURS" event for Gulf Coast Wrestling Alliance in Corpus Christi, Tx, after rumors of CROWD POPS for Benny Dreamz TAKING OVER "AFTER HOURS" events began to cross our T.R.U.E. or Rumor mill. Our journalist returned to us reporting these RUMORS to be #TRUE. Does GCWA have a NEW STAR on their hands? Can we expect BIG THINGS out of the YOUNG, CHARISMATIC, athlete. Only time will tell what we will see from GCWA and their plan going forward. The promotion is KNOWN for utilizing its talents to their max potential, so that seems to be a positive sign for the NEWCOMER.

Recent videos, that have surfaced online, prove the theory building behind the "Rookie of the Year", where we see the 24 year old wrestler with YOUNG FANS cheering and ASKING for his FAN FAVORITE, second edition, Benny Dreamz T-Shirt. The shirt has been CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED by FRIENDS, FAMILY, FOLLOWERS, and SUPPORTERS as an "INSTANT CLASSIC" and was an INSTANT SELLOUT.

Day One Vibes dot com received 90% positive feedback when reviewing the shirt amongst those who have bought. You can have YOUR OPPURTUNITY at one of these CLASSIC "BENNY DREAMZ" T- SHIRTS at his NEXT APPEARANCE in LAREDO TEXAS, Sunday January 30th, 2022, where the FALFURRIAS wrestler ANNOUNCED on his SOCIAL MEDIA that he will be TAGGING with JOSH GALVAN of GCWA for the FIRST TIME EVER.

The Texas Wrestling Reviews "Rookie of the Year" is BACK AT WORK, releasing ANOTHER PROMO video to his facebook and youtube. Continuing to build up the hype for the anticipated matchup in LAREDO, TX at the "V.S.R. Arena", where the athletes shall "GO TO WAR" (acc. Benny Dreamz Promo on FB) for AMAZING PRO WRESTLING (APW) at 6:45 PM.

Catch the FASTEST RISING STAR in SOUTH TEXAS for $20 @ 719 GALE ST. (behind PPG Paints) on 1/30/2022. BENNY DREAMZ partnering with his NEW PARTNER Josh Galvan for the FIRST TIME EVER, to take on the EVIL, TWISTED, DESTRUCTIVE team of El Diablo & Toro Loco. Remember... "YOU CAN'T BEAT THIS"

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