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Benny Dreamz RELEASES PROMO ahead of "WRESTLEFEST" appearance.

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Saturday January 15th, 2022 in San Antonio TX, Falfurrias WRESTLING SENSATION "Benny Dreamz", journies into ANOTHER match, BUT THIS TIME.... its a BATTLE ROYAL.

What else do you expect from the "Fastest rising star in SoTX"? (per. III & D Saenz in Sports podcast) The young babyface wrestler is ON A HOT STREAK, as far as HEADLINES and ACCOLADES go, Managing to notch his FIRST WIN with Gulf Coast Wrestling Alliance, the YOUNG EMERGING STAR is CONTINUING TO BUILD momentum upon his VICTORY, with a nod from Texas Wrestling Review as 2021's ROOKIE OF THE YEAR. The sky seems to certainly be the limit for the 24 year old we NOW KNOW as "Benny Dreamz", but FIRST, he MUST pay his dues.

DREAMZ looks to take his talents to San Antonio's "ROLLING OAKS MALL" on the 15th for a CHANCE to WIN The prestigious "WRESTLEFEST BATTLE ROYAL" where he ANNOUNCED HIMSELF, as a GCWA representative by DROPPING his FIRST PROMO VIDEO to Youtube (@BennyDreamz) following his "Rookie of the Year" score.

The Texas Wrestling Reviews "Rookie of the Year" WINNER is SURROUNDED by HYPE, and HEADLINES, as he's RECENTLY RUMORED to be working with LOCAL HOMETOWN MUSIC LABEL, "T.R.U.E." on a NEW ENTRANCE THEME TRACK featuring T.R.U.E.s SUPER PRODUCER "Chach W/ The Heat" on the beat, and T,R.U.E.s STAR RECORDING ARTIST "Designed Individually Gifted" recording VOCALS on the track.

We Know "III & D: Saenz in Sports podcast." host D.I.G. has taken to social media to TEASE announcements of a "Benny Dreamz Vs, Roman Reigns podcast episode" and a POSSIBLE "Benny Dreamz interview episode" on his NEW SHOW soon, but as far as we know, now... Benny Dreamz will be in SAN ANTONIO TEXAS on JANUARY 15th COMPETING in a BATTLE ROYAL at WRESTLEFEST @ Rolling Oaks Mall.

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