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"Cornfed" makes BIG RETURN on UFC FIGHT PASS. Read More:

Updated: May 4, 2022

Falfurrias seems to be a HOT SPOT for TALENT lately, as we have seen SUCCESS STORY after SUCCESS STORY on ALL FRONTS sprout from the SMALL TOWN.

From the RECENT INCREASE in ENTREPRENEURSHIP in FALFURRIAS, to ARTS like the T.R.U.E. music label, which includes OVER 500 SONGS, NEAR 10 TAPES, and OVER 5 MUSIC VIDEOS amongst the collective of ARTISTS, PRODUCERS, and ENGINEERs, to the HOMETOWN HERO story of "Benny Dreamz" the NEW WRESTLING STAR, and TAG TEAM CHAMPION fighting along side his partner, Josh "The Juggernaut" Galvan to form THE NEW CHAMPIONSHIP DUO of GULF COAST CONNECTION, to young RB EXTRAORDINAIRE "RM3" who will be LEADING the Falfurrias Jerseys football team this FALL in his JUNIOR season.

Our Day One Vibes team continues to get used to the VOLUME of the NEW FOUND coverage of TALENT in the SMALL TOWN.

Speaking of TALENT...

"Cornfed" is NEXT at an OPPORTUNITY to capture a dream, or CONTINUE the PURSUIT of a dream, when he steps in the ring on MOTHERS DAY to the tune of "HIS RETURN" after 2 YEARS away from the cage. After the death of BOTH his Mother and Father (may they rest in peace..) in the SAME YEAR the FIGHTER was pushed OUT of the fight game and forced to FIGHT a DIFFERENT battle... OVERCOMING his BATTLE with ANXIETY and DEPRESSION and finding SUPPORT at HOME, through his FAMILY, and at WORK with his new TEAM of TRAINERS, and TRAINEES that help him PREPARE for FIGHT DAY, and THIS TIME helping him OVERCOME the fight to cut weight from 285 pounds to 205 pounds to be ready for SUNDAYS FIGHT NIGHT.

The COMBAT ATHLETE from Falfurrias Texas is SET to fight on his VERY FIRST UFC FIGHT PASS main card on May 8th 2022, against TOP RANKED fighter Joel Bauman out of LOUISIANA and MINNESOTA in a FURY FC Light Heavyweight bout. When RECENTLY asked about his opponent on the NEW "III & D: "Saenz" in Sports podcast INTERVIEW" Reese says "Some people might say i have RING RUST, i say.. im pretty WELL RESTED." and when it comes to the FIGHT, WIN or LOSE, "'s NOT going to the judges." We can expect to see a FOCUSED Forest heading into SUNDAYS fight against the FORMER Minnesota Gophers wrestler and #2 ranked fighter out of Louisiana, as we see the athlete make his BIG RETURN to the cage after being OUT for 2 YEARS.

With his OPPORTUNITY inching CLOSER, "Cornfed" seeks REDEMPTION, and a SHOT at a way to GIVE BACK to his Community, in more ways than just being an INSPIRATION. On the NEW INTERVIEW episode of "III & D: "Saenz" in Sports podcast", Forest admits to wanting to FIGHT till he can OPEN a GYM, for the YOUTH of Falfurrias, to have a HEALTHY OUTLET for them to channel their ANGER and ANXIETY, while ALSO FOCUSING on the CHILDS ACADEMICS, and MENTAL HEALTH. His GOAL being to PROVIDE a type of SUPPORT and STRUCTURE to KIDS, who otherwise don't have it.

You can HELP SUPPORT Reese "Cornfed" Forest by SPONSORING his efforts and his RETURN to the cage this WEEKEND at Bert Ogden Arena in Edinburg, Tx ( find tickets @ ) and SEE THE MENU BELOW for options on HOW TO DO THAT.

ALSO: You can HEAR a FULL LENGTH, One Hour INTERVIEW with Reese Forest, on the NEW Sports Entertainment podcast "III & D: "Saenz" in Sports podcast" on RUMBLE @designedigifted and HEAR from the MAN stepping IN THE CAGE for HIMSELF, HIS MOTHER and FATHER, and HIS HOMETOWN.

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