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BREAKING: "Cornfed" signs 4 FIGHT Contract W/ Fury FC

DREAMS work when YOU DO.


Not everyone is BUILT with the GRIT, and DESIRE to take on ANY and ALL COMERS. "Cornfed" has CRAFTED a reputation for himself as the guy who CAN'T and WON'T say NO to a fight. Not the BIGGEST, FASTEST or STRONGEST.. but when TALENT REFUSES to work hard, HARD WORK beats talent and you can say Reese "Cornfed" Forest KNOWS the definition of HARD WORK.

Working BACK to the SPORT he LOVES after losing his PARENTS to cancer and losing himself to ALCOHOL, ANXIETY and DEPRESSION the BRAWLER has forged a NEW PATH and has found a NEW PURPOSE. On the NEWEST INTERVIEW EPISODE of "III & D: "Saenz" in Sports podcast on RUMBLE, Reese "Cornfed" Forest set the record straight on his GOALS and INTENTIONS. When his career is OVER, he told the show he wants to OPEN A GYM and use the gym as an OUTLET for children in FALFURRIAS with NO PLACE to CHANNEL their FEELINGS and EMOTIONS in a POSITIVE and HEALTHY WAY. NOT ONLY that, but provide a STABLE SUPPORT system for STUDENTS academically as well as PHYSICALLY and MENTALLY.

"Cornfed" claims to want to be a PART OF CHANGE in his COMMUNITY, A change where people can have PRIDE in their HOME. A change where people arent ASHAMED to be from FALFURRIAS.

Catch Reese "Cornfed" Forest on May 8th 2022 at Bert Ogden Arena in Edinburgh Texas as he takes on the #13 RANKED Joel Bauman or WATCH him on UFC FIGHT PASS.


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