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BREAKING: Sources say Tone Gee to enter "Hopeless" into Battle of the Bandz ON NOTORIOUS STREAMS

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

T.R.U.E. Records Recording Artist Tone Gee is RUMORED to be thinking about entering his SMASH HIT "Hopeless" into "Battle of the Bandz" Episode 4.

(hosted and Created by Notorious Streams: Noe Diaz.)

The intriguing part comes in, that the Winner of the previous 2 Episodes of the Battle of the Bandz was his Label Mate and fellow T.R.U.E Records Recording Artist: D.i.G.

D.i.G scored back to back Wins in The Battle of the Bandz with his YET TO BE RELEASED single "Mr. Nice Guy".

Looks like sparks will be set to fly come Episode 4 of Battle of the Bandz.

D.i.G x Tone Gee - Leave (Ft Ry-Lo)

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