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SHOCKING: T.R.U.E. Records Artists JB AND TONE GEE BOTH TO ENTER Episode 4 of "Battle of the Bandz"

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

RUMORS are SWIRLING and CIRCLING about appearances on

"NOTORIOUS STREAMS: Battle of the Bandz" by T.R.U.E. RECORDS recording artists JB and Tone Gee .

We know now: RUMORS have been ESCALATING about T.R.U.E. STAR recording artist Tone Gee's interest in submitting his SMASH SINGLE "Hopeless" (Prod by. Chach w the Heat) into the NEWEST FASTEST GROWING gaming stream in Falfurrias Tx History....

TUNE IN to Notorious Streams: "Battle of the Bandz" every weekend as it is a WEEKLY episodic DIGITAL EVENT

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