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Coastal Card Game Shop DOUBLES DOWN on RUMBLE. Read More:

Coastal Card Game Shop MADE THE JUMP to RUMBLE after ANNOUNCING he'd be LEAVING the "oversaturated" Youtube platform for the MOLD SHATTERING, TRAIL BLAZING path of THE INDEPENDENT, BIG TECH DISCONNECTED, ENTREPRENEUR. The Game Shop located on the COAST is one who is STILL fairly new to the BUSINESS, but SUCH AN OPPORTUNITY, only comes around ONCE IN A LIFETIME and the YOUNG businessman is PREPARED to go ALL IN.

Rumble is Youtube's NEWEST COMPETITION in the VIDEO PLATFORM MARKET and has been ACCUMULATING BUZZ from OFFERING Spotify EXCLUSIVE host Joe Rogan, a 4 YEAR $100 MILLION contract to bring his content OVER TO RUMBLE EXCLUSIVELY. In which, the "Joe Rogan Experience" host TURNED DOWN after SPOTIFY STUCK WITH their $100 MILLION DOLLAR MAN amid CALLS for his "cancellation" and for Spotify to "remove Joe Rogan from platform" INDEFINETLY. Quite HARSH for a country with FREE SPEECH laws. Actions as such have caused a NUMEROUS AMOUNT of USERS to FLEE platforms like Youtube who are REMOVING and BANNING (FACTUALLY proven) content from their platform for a reason UNKNOWN to the general public. Coastal Card Game Shop joins RUMBLE, as one of the FIRST FEW South Texas entrepreneurs to START the transition to the NEW, UPSTART platform.

Among those Few, T.R.U.E. artists "Ry-Lo" and "Chach W/ The Heat" have JOINED but have YET TO UPLOAD any content to their pages, and D.I.G., THE MOST VOCAL, and STAUNCH SUPPORTER of the NEW VIDEO PLATFORM is well on his way in the CREATION of HIS PAGE already releasing OVER 30 videos and AMASSING MULTIPLE VIDEOS over 100 views and 50 RUMBLES (likes), as he has GONE EXCLUSIVE to RUMBLE since Youtube BANNED poltical personalities "Steven Crowder" and "Dan Bongino" from their platforms, OFFICIALLY waging WAR on America's FREE SPEECH LAWS.


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