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Updated: May 11, 2022

"I don't mean to be HYPERBOLIC but that might be THE GREATEST NICKNAME in MMA HISTORY" said FURY FC announcer as "CORNFED" walked down the ramp to Z - ROs Mo City Don....

Facing a GIANT OBSTACLE, Reese "Cornfed" Forest made his way to a fight, MOST counted him out of BEFORE It even started when a TAPOLOGY dot com POLL was RELEASED giving Joel Bauman, the TOP RANKED fighter, the 93% ADVANTAGE. Still the VETERAN Falfurrias FIGHTER was UNDETTERED as he took a fight ON SHORT NOTICE coming off of his 2 YEAR hiatus. Stepping into the cage and surviving a round and a half with the FUTURE UFC HOPEFUL, made an IMPRESSION and SHOWCASED Cornfeds TOUGHNESS for EVERYONE WATCHING on FURY FC FIGHT PASS.

It didn't STOP there though, as the DISPLAY seemed to EARN the RESPECT of the Winner of the fight, as "King Bau" didnt let Forest EXIT THE CAGE without EMBRACING HIM and giving him a PROPER SHOUT OUT and ACKNOWLEDGING the fighters HISTORIC WEIGHT CUT of 80 POUNDS in 7 WEEKS.

Catch CORNFED on FURY FC to WATCH his NEXT FIGHT at 185 pounds as he RETURNS to his WEIGHT CLASS.

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