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Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Nowadays D.I.G. is known as much for his outspoken stances on CENSORSHIP, and against BIG GOVERNMENT as much as he is for his MUSIC. The Comfort Through Chaos artist is an activist for PRO-AMERICA conservative ideas, & is VOCAL online with his message & support for conservative alternative FREE SPEECH PLATFORMS such as “Rumble”, the Video alternative to the YouTube platform. “Parler”, which is becoming known as “the FREE SPEECH Facebook” in the conservative internet space, & also, “GETTR” which is the platform in competition with Twitter. The South Texas star is proving he is looking for more than just a few dollars in his young promising career. He is rather likely to sacrifice maximum earning potential to make a message heard loud, and clear, in hopes for a better tomorrow. D.I.G. recently posted a video upload to Rumble & Facebook where he is shown, performing, wearing a “Let’s Go Brandon” sweatshirt at the “Heathens Halloween” event in October in Premont, Tx. at Heathens Haven. The video is of D.I.G. Performing his Apple and Spotify SINGLE “Mr. Nice Guy” accompanied by Villain Vision Music owner & founder A2J. In this Video you see the conservative STAR flaunting the SLOGAN, on the shirt, to the camera.

"DesignediGifted" is the channel name for the SOUTH TEXAS product on Rumble, where you will find OVER 30 videos of MUSIC and PODCAST content from the YOUNG T.R.U.E. entertainer.

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