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D.I.G. DROPS "Kanye West" as RMIII wins AWARD! Listen Here:

Falfurrias Sophomore RB "RMIII" Rene Martinez III won the accomplishment of Corpus Christi Caller Times "Athlete of the Week" and T.R.U.E. artist D.I.G. FULFILLED his PROMISE when he ANNOUNCED he would RELEASE the FIRST SINGLE off his NEXT PROJECT "Bad Decisions Good Intentions".

The "Miss America" artist CONSISTENTLY TEASES his supporters with his famous CRYPTIC "#loading,,," posts accompanied by the NEW hashtag #BadDecisionsGoodIntentions, but THIS IS DIFFERENT (lol iykyk) because the "Comfort Through Chaos" creator ANNOUNCED his NEWEST SINGLE "Kanye West" would be THE FIRST Single from his 4th PROJECT with T.R.U,E. OFFICIALLY TITLED "Bad Decisions Good Intentions".

The QUESTION that remains is..... WHEN?

#BadDecisionsGoodIntentions #KanyeWest #TRUE #RMIII #loading,,,

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