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D.I.G. drops NEW SPOTIFY TRACK “Nonstop”, PROMISES MUSIC VIDEO at 20,000 streams

Updated: Nov 12

"Tell my mom I got a promise for the city."

The Falfurrias SUPERSTAR has put his hometown in DIRECT AFFILIATION with his GROWING STAR as he CONTINUES to shout them out ANY CHANCE he gets, on EVERY TRACK he can.

T.R.U.E. Designed Individually Gifted is doing RECORD SETTING numbers in 2023 as he has RACKED UP well over 10,000+ streams PER track dropped over the LAST 12 MONTHS on SPOTIFY and is QUICKLY APPROACHING 200,000 ALL TIME streams.

With TWO MORE MONTHS left in the year, the "I'm Just Saying" rapper has promised to make NOVEMBER his, as he SWEARS to finish the year STRONG throughout DECEMBER with drops coming from his Spotify account, AND his WEEKLY Spotify show, the NEWEST and MOST EXCITING sports entertainment podcast, the III & D: "Saenz" in Sports podcast.

In what has ALREADY been a BARRAGE of moves made by The Realest Underground Entertainment artist, including HUGE DROPS like the GLOBALLY HEARD "Sippin' Champagne", "Invested", and now "Pretty AF" which seems to ALSO be gaining traction on a GLOBAL SCALE. These accompanied by the MUSIC VIDEOS for BOTH #INVESTED and #SIPPINCHAMPAGNE dropping to RUMBLE a few months back. It is quite CLEAR there is EVEN MORE on the way for this EMERGING artist. On October 31, 2023 the Gifted and GORGOUS team posted the NEWEST SINGLE by D.I.G. to Spotify, "Nonstop" produced by Chach W/ The Heat. The song was released and accumulated THREE THOUSAND streams in its FIRST TWO DAYS as we continue to WATCH as he INCHES CLOSER to 200 THOUSAND ALL TIME STREAMS on Spotify.

Rumors are that the WHOLE MONTH of NOVEMBER is BOOKED for the YOUNG SUPERSTAR rhymer, and that we can be EXPECTING up to TWO BRAND NEW TRACKS before the end of the month. D.I.G. wants to CEMENT his 2023 as a year to REMEMBER and NEVER FORGET as he PREPARES to show his listeners what is left in the vault.

When RELEASING his track to Spotify, and Facebook, fans noticed the rappers post as it read "we will drop the MUSIC VIDEO at 20,000 streams", so as ONE OF THE STRONGEST ACTIVE FANBASES in SOUTH TEXAS, we will likely see the FALTX artist REACH and SURPASS that marker so they can get a BRAND NEW VISUAL for the NEW HIT SINGLE.

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