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D.I.G. drops "Prayed For That" on RUMBLE, ANNOUNCING Baby OTW!

Updated: May 2, 2022

D.I.G, continued his recent STREAM of MUSIC by DROPPING "Prayed For That" on December 11th, 2021 on the FREE SPEECH RUMBLE platform, to close out the year.

The EMOTIONAL track was HIGHLIGHTED by a sample of Republican commentator, LEADER of the "BLEXIT" movement, and potential future HOPEFUL for the CANDIDACY, of the President of The United States of America, Candace Owens. In a SNAPSHOT back to where she was called to Capitol Hill to testify, "D.I.G." captures Owens in the middle of delivering a PASSIONATE statement on her perspective on GOD, her GRANDFATHER, her thoughts on INDEPENDENCE, and the IMPORTANCE of PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY.

The 25 year old STAR recording artist, apparently, also had some NEWS to ANNOUNCE, with his LATEST DROP. The "Comfort Through Chaos" rapper was heard rapping "Told my baby mama I ain't ready but i Prayed for That", leaving fans to PONDER, does the T.R.U.E. artist have a child on the way? or are we hearing him wrong? We further dissected the lyrics, only to discover, the "Mr. Nice Guy" rapper ALSO SAYING immediately after the line we just highlighted, previously in this paragraph, "..and this is our responsibility, and we can't take it back.... and we can't take it back, ill tell him daddy Prayed For That". So UPON FURTHER INSPECTION, We KNOW TWO THINGS!

Congratulations to the Family and Friends of "D.I.G." and WE CAN EXPECT A "D.I.G. jr."

"The Marathon Continues" - Nipsey Hussle

LOVE and PRAYERS, from the Day One Vibes family.

#PrayedForThat #Congratulations #DIGjr #Rumble #CandaceOwens2028

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