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EXTRA! EXTRA! Read ALL about It! #TRUE

October 9th, 2021 T.R.U.E. artists Tone Gee and Ry-Lo dropped SINGLE "For the Paper" on YouTube. This being ANOTHER addition to the pairs catalogue, the "Everyday" artists did it again with the NEWEST drop. Tone Gee UNEXPECTEDLY released the collaboration including, his label mate, and GO TO FEATURE, Ry-Lo on his Facebook account. To no surprise of ANYONE following the LOCAL LABEL, the pair managed to ACCUMULATE 100+ views in the first WEEK after the track hit the internet.

The HOMETOWN, HOME-GROWN LABEL continues to GRADUALLY make a push into the LIMELIGHT with EVERY release. How Far can they go, Is still yet to be determined, seeing as the GROUP is nowhere near slowing down or stopping.

#TRUE #ForThePaper #ToneGee #RyLo #dayonevibes #DOV

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