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FALFURRIAS Fighter CUTS 80 lbs in 7 WEEKS, Read MORE:

When it comes to COMBAT SPORTS, there is ONE THING all fighters AGREE on, WEIGHT CUTS STINK!

This Falfurrias COMBAT FIGHTER is becoming KNOWN for his work ethic INSIDE and OUTSIDE the cage.. After being AWAY FROM THE CAGE for 2 YEARS, OVERCOMING TRAGEDY, and making his much anticipated RETURN to the OCTAGON, CORNFED may have lost the fight, but he WON ONE of his MOST IMPRESSIVE BATTLES to date as he made a 80 POUND WEIGHT CUT in 7 weeks, on SHORT NOTICE, accepting a fight, NOBODY ELSE would, otherwise, with JOEL "KING BAU" BAUMAN, the UFC hopeful and TOP RANKED FIGHTER out of LOUISIANA.

Not only did Reese "Cornfed" Forest ACCEPT a fight with a TOP RANKED FIGHTER on LESS THAN 2 months notice, he made a HISTORIC weight cut and was PRAISED and GIVEN LOVE and CREDIT by the WINNER, Bauman...

You can see and LISTEN to "King Bau" SHOUT OUT Cornfeds HISTORIC ACHIEVEMENT in the VIDEO below:

NEXT for the 34 year old FIGHTER is to CONTINUE to CUT WEIGHT to RETURN to his ORIGINAL weight class, 185 pounds for a GUARANTEED 3 more FIGHTS with FURY FC. Given to him, were the 3 FIGHTS, for being the ONLY ONE to ACCEPT the FIGHT against the UFC prospect, and ACCEPT the CHALLENGE he DID. Forest was TKO'd in the SECOND after being CAUGHT with 2 KNEES and being SWARMED by punches from his opponent before Bauman was PULLED AWAY from Forest and the fight was ended.

A loss is a loss, a fight is a fight, but the INSPIRING EFFORT given by the "Hometown Hero" was ENOUGH to have him LAUDED with COMPLIMENTS from the INTERNET and FAMILY, FRIENDS, FOLLOWERS, and FANS alike. What is NEXT for the VETERAN FIGHTER? Can he BREAK his 3 fight LOSING STREAK? Can he CONTINUE to OVERCOME OBSTACLES on his JOURNEY to BETTERING TOMORROW for HIS FAMILY and HIS COMMUNITY?

STAY TUNED on Day One Vibes dot com for ALL UPDATES on Reese "Cornfed" Forest and his MIXED MARTIAL ARTS career.

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