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"Benny Dreamz" is TAG TEAM CHAMPION. Read More:

Updated: May 2, 2022

HUGE VICTORY for BENNY DREAMZ as he OPENS post GCWA Wrestlemania Weekend with a TITLE opportunity and a TITLE VICTORY. After PARTICIPATING in Gulf Coast Wrestling Alliances "GCWA Mania Weekend" event Benny Dreamz MOMENTUM does NOT slow down as he CONTINUES WINNING.

Seemingly booked as a STRONG Tag Team, "Gulf Coast connection" has net themselves GOLD for the FIRST TIME in their CAREER and took them NO TIME to do it as they TRAVELED to San Antonio, post Dallas Texas Wrestlemania Weekend, to TAKE ON "Arrogancia Aerea" for the BRAND NEW "Wrestling Shop Tag Team Championships" to become the FIRST tag team to hold the TITLES.

With a BURNING HOT start to his career, and ALREADY a CHAMPIONSHIP pedigree, the "Rookie of the Year" is SET to BLAST OFF in year 2, if used PROPERLY. With fans still yet to HEAR the young wrestler on the STICK (microphone), people know LITTLE about the character they have CHOSEN to put their WEIGHT behind. The FAN FAVORITE "Benny Dreamz" chant is one HEARD at EVERY APPEARANCE for the young STAR as he CONTINUES to CAPTIVATE audiences with his ability to draw EMOTION from those in attendance. Good or Bad, there is reaction to the Falfurrias products EVERY MATCH

and we can't help but WONDER....

Whats NEXT?

What comes NEXT for GCWA, and Benny Dreamz, and Gulf Coast Connection?

Thanks to "The Wrasslin' Talkos" we are able to PROVIDE the footage of the MATCH from start to finish as you can see BELOW. You can WATCH Benny Dreamz CAPTURE GOLD for the very FIRST TIME in his career.

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