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"Holy Sh*t, The World is Standing still today"

23 year old Christian Perez was a LEGEND, a STAND UP MAN and a LEADER for many generations to follow and attempt to emulate. His short lived legacy is one FEW missed and MANY were touched by.

A hard worker, a Free Spirit, a True Friend, a Talented Athlete, and the Light and Life of every Party he walked into.

Falfurrias Texas and MANY surrounding areas were delivered a MAJOR BLOW upon hearing of the passing of the LOCAL LEGEND. (TEXAS 3A ALL STATE/ ALL REGION/ MVP)

Immediately upon learning of the TRAGIC passing, an OUT POUR of LOVE and SUPPORT filled Social Media from Platform to Platform, with hashtags "#23forever , #CP23 , and most importantly "#Brother" filling the screens of those who scrolled their timelines, with tears streaming down their cheeks.

Christian will NOT BE FORGOTTEN, and his LEGACY will be SHOULDERED and CARRIED on by his FAMILY, his FRIENDS, and STRANGERS alike for years and years to come. We are blessed and touched to have had an opportunity to WITNESS the life and journey of such a SPECTACULAR human being.

To his FAMILY, on behalf of "DayOneVibes" and "T.R.U.E." we will be praying in unison for your PEACE, GUIDANCE and UNDERSTANDING through this trial... his name will be remembered and honored by those who he made an impact on. The list is abundant.

GOD BLESS and Rest Peacefully 23.

#NewHeroes #LegendsNeverDie #CP23 #23forever #LocalLegend #Perez

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