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III & D "Saenz" in Sports podcast Episode 9 Kanye West "TOP 10 Songs"

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

III & D "Saenz" in Sports podcast INCHES CLOSER to their MILESTONE 10th EPISODE of the NEW, EXTREMELY EXCITING sports entertainment podcast. In episode 9 of the "Saenz" in Sports podcast, III & D host "D.I.G." discusses Kanye West' TOP 10 SONGS of ALL TIME according to The Top Tens dot com, and PROMISES a BIG SURPRISE for the MILESTONE episode 10.

Day One Vibes spoke with T.R.U.E. artist, and III&D host, D.I.G. and have "CONTRACTUALLY CONFIRMED" rights to the NEWEST MOST EXCITING sports entertainment podcast on the internet. Meaning, the III&D co-founder and creator, D.I.G. will now, not only be uploading his new show to RUMBLE, the NEW FREE SPEECH video platform. but he will OFFICIALLY make DAY ONE VIBES the SECOND HOME of the NEW HOT FAST RISING podcast.

Listen to the NEWEST, MOST EXCITING, FUN and EXPLOSIVE sports entertainment podcast on the INTERNET, right here on DOV dot com.

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