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Cornfed sits down with D.I.G. for ONE HOUR INTERVIEW

Updated: May 4, 2022

Listen, RIGHT HERE, to the III & D: "Saenz" in Sports podcast host "D.I.G." SIT DOWN, FOR AN HOUR with Light Heavyweight COMBAT FIGHTER Reese "Cornfed" Forest. HEAR as they discuss LIFE, his NEXT OPPONENT and even some BREAKING NEWS from the MAN HIMSELF, where he REVEALS he has been CONTRACTED by FURY FC to a GUARANTEED 4 FIGHT DEAL at 185 pounds!!! This comes in light of announcing he will be FACING Bauman at 205, 20 pounds OUT OF HIS WEIGHT CLASS.

This interview comes in a CHANGE of FORMAT to the III & D podcast. Where ONCE "D.I.G." would have a GUEST on for a 15-20 MINUTE chats at the END of a WEEKLY EPISODIC basis, but NOW has GONE TO a NEW FORMAT, the SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT show host ANNOUNCED a BRAND NEW series of INTERVIEW shows COMING TO THE PODCAST after having a SUCCESSFUL ONE HOUR sit down with the Falfurrias brawler.

MEANING, we will be getting FULL LENGTH, UNEDITED, and UNCENSORED conversations with Falfurrias' STARS of YESTERDAY, TODAY and TOMORROW in a NEW series of EPISODIC INTERVIEWS for the podcast...

FOR AN OPPORTUNITY to tell YOUR STORY on the NEWEST, MOST EXCITING sports entertainment podcast on RUMBLE, reach OUT to the SHOW HOST "Designed Individually Gifted" on facebook to INQUIRE about having YOUR STORY HEARD and COVERED by a TEAM of JOURNALISTS, RADIO PERSONALITIES, etc.

Day One Vibes and III & D: "Saenz" in Sports podcast are EXTREMELY HONORED to have had the PRIVILEGE to SIT DOWN with the MAN, Reese Forest and the COMPETITOR, "Cornfed". We wish OUR HOMETOWN HERO all the LUCK and FORTUNE in the WORLD.

GOODLUCK "Cornfed",

from your FRIENDS and FAMILY at DOV dot com..

We will be sending PRAYERS.

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