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Updated: May 20, 2022

WINNING his DEBUT match at GCWA "After Hours", being seen in the STUDIO with T.R.U.E. artist "D.I.G.", finding a NEW PARTNER and FORMING a NEW TEAM, and PARTYING with WWE LEGENDS at WRESTLEMANIA WEEKEND in Dallas, Texas,

All of that said, its been a FAST 12 months for the NEW FALFURRIAS CHAMPION.

One Year into his WILD RIDE with GCWA (Gulf Coast Wrestling Alliance) Benny Dreamz finds himself a TAG TEAM CHAMPION, with his name being KNOWN by SUPERSTARS in the WRESTLING INDUSTRY like WWE's Raquel Rodriguez (FKA: Raquel Gonzalez in NXT) and also NEWCOMER to the WWE Roxanne Perez (FKA: Rox C), after joining his FELLOW GCWA wrestler Josh "The Juggernaut" Galvan to form their NEW TEAM of "Gulf Coast Connection",

Benny Dreamz has been a CONSTANT BUZZ since starting his WRESTLING CAREER with GCWA 1 YEAR AGO, and his promotion is STARTING to see the same thing. We are seeing the 24 year old in MORE and MORE matches, and given MORE and MORE opportunities with the NEW FOUND FAN FAVORITE "Gulf Coast Connection" pairing. The 2 wrestlers make a good pairing as "The Juggernaut" brings the SIZE, POWER, and PHYSICAL CREDIBILITY that is NEEDED for a succesful duo, and "Dreamz" provides the CHARISMA, CHARACTER and HIGH SPOTS that are EQUALLY NECESSARY to ESTABLISHING credibility as a POPULAR TEAM of WRESTLING SPORTS ENTERTAINERS.

Sources in the Day One Vibes Research Department have reported a POSSIBLE COLLABORATION coming from the "Rookie of the Year" and the "Mr. Nice Guy" rapper and ALSO possibly an INTERVIEW with the "Gulf Coast Connection" wrestler on a NEW episode of D.I.G.s NEW SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT podcast "III & D: "Saenz" in Sports podcast" Follow the show on RUMBLE @designedigifted to see if these RUMORS and REPORTS are accurate.

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