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JB drops NEW SONG "Ashes" on Youtube. LISTEN HERE:

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

"Remember they told me i wouldn't be NOTHING"

The T.R.U.E. artist, and FAN FAVORITE releases a NEW SINGLE called "ASHES" on Youtube, where you can find the "Sly Cooper" rappers ENTIRE CATALOGUE over the last few years.

BANGERS. The SMALL TOWN of Falfurrias has come to EXPECT NOTHING LESS from the new young artist, and THE BRAND NEW SINGLE delivers, yet again. The consistency from the LOCAL MUSIC TEAM is IMPRESSIVE and is only RAMPING UP, as far as PRODUCTION goes. 5 YEARS in and JB has created QUITE THE RESUME for himself and is looking to KEEP CREATING CONTENT for himself and his team.

A lot can be said about the GROUP of artists and creators, but NOTHING SPEAKS LOUDER than their CONSISTENCE and PERSISTENCE. 5 years in and the team has managed to BUILD a MUSIC CATALOGUE with OVER 200 SONGS, many of them on MAJOR STREAMING PLATFORMS, a WEBSITE in "DOV", a Sports Entertainment podcast with III & D Saenz in Sports podcast, and a BAR in HEATHENS HAVEN.


on Youtube @ "TRUE RECORDS"

on RUMBLE @ "TRUEntertainment"

on FACEBOOK @ "The Realest Underground Entertainment"

and CONTINUE following them HERE AT HOME on DAYONEVIBES dot com.

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