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JB "Marz" video PASSES 1000 views. Watch Here:

Updated: May 2, 2022

WATCH and LISTEN to T.R.U.E.s "JB"s NEW MUSIC VIDEO here on DAY ONE VIBES dot com.

T.R.U.E. artist JB uploaded the "Marz (Freestyle Remix)" music video to his Youtube channel and SURPASSED 1,000 VIEWS on the visual for the track. Friends, followers, and supporters have always SHOWED UP in NUMBERS for the "Sly Cooper" singer, and they did NOT fail to DELIVER once more as they SHOT their guy OVER the COVETED marker. With a resume like his, its NO WONDER the NUMBERS say what they do. T.R.U.E. has themselves a SERIOUS STAR on their hands.

When can we EXPECT ANOTHER visual from Mr. 1K?

#TRUE #JB #MARZ #DOV #DayOneVibes #Freestyle #MUSIC #MusicVideo #NEW

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