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T.R.U.E. Artist starts SPORTS PODCAST. Read More:

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

T.R.U.E. can not seem to SLOW DOWN or STOP.

Is a BREAKTHROUGH inevitable for the young LOCAL label?

D.I.G. adds to his ALREADY star-studded resume by announcing and releasing his BRAND-NEW sports podcast "III & D: "Saenz" (si-gns) in Sports Podcast.

The "Missed Calls" artist is RUMORED to be teaming up with a partner for this podcast, Yet to be introduced, Yet to be named.

With 4 episodes OUT on RUMBLE, the III & D host is off to a good pace, including an interview with VVM founder "A2J" in Episode 4, A Breakdown of Falfurrias RB Sophomore SENSATION "RM3" Rene Martinez III and his Corpus Christi Caller Times "Athlete of the Week" in SPECIAL EPISODE now named "Rene Martinez the 3rd Episode of III & D: "Saenz (Si-gns) in Sports Podcast.", and Also a FULL breakdown of the Dallas Cowboys FINAL 53 Man Roster in the DEBUT EPISODE.

Tune in on RUMBLE "@designedigifted" to Hear the BRAND-NEW podcast by T.R.U.E.s artist "D.I.G.".

#TRUE #IIID #SaenzinSports #DayOneVibes #DOV

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