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RM3 poised for "BOUNCEBACK" JUNIOR SZN in 2022?

Updated: May 2, 2022

Can #23 BOUNCEBACK from his CRUSHING achilles tear in 2021?

What started as a season filled with OPTIMISM for the YOUNG Falfurrias RB, was quickly brought to a SCREECHING halt after FALLING to a SEASON ENDING injury midway through the season. Video and Rumors say the Falfurrias Jerseys RB is READY to RETURN TO THE FIELD". A BOUNCEBACK season from Martinez III could be JUST WHAT is NEEDED for a teetering Falfurrias football program.

RM3 had managed to accumulate 700 YARDS and 4 TDs in about half a season and ALSO, a Corpus Christi Caller Times "Athlete of the Week" before his season was CUT SHORT due to an ACHILLES TEAR. The sophomore RB was leading an OFFENSE of the Falfurrias Jerseys which was running the ball with their lead back without hesitation and rightfully so, as the YOUNG JERSEY certainly has the talent to carry the load. The RESPONSIBILITY now lies on the Falfurrias Coaches to UTILIZE their weapons properly in their OFFENSIVE SCHEME in order to secure victories, and make a PLAYOFF PUSH, which is what the CITY of FALFURRIAS HOPES for come around the Fall,

Lately, there hasn't been a TEAM or PLAYER to inspire HOPE into the TOWN, waiting to THROW its SUPPORT behind a Playoff contender..... A UNIQUE opportunity seems to have presented itself in FALFURRIAS with the STANDOUT RB entering his JR season, In discussion with a DAYONEVIBES dot com REPRESENTATIVE the Fal RB said "We grinding, and We coming." as he seems OPTIMISTIC the team can offer a winning product on the field. Martinez III seems to UNDERSTAND his role as LEADER of the TEAM and the HEAD of the spear going into THIS YEAR, and NEXT YEAR.

He certainly SHOWED his TALENT in the SHORTENED 2021 season as you can see in the GRAPHIC ABOVE provided by our INFORMATION COLLECTION DEPARTMENT, the Falfurrias Coaching staff did not shy away from using their weapons. Whether on the ground or through the air, the Falfurrias Football team had its fair share of STRUGGLES, and VICTORIES both in terms of team and player/coach. The team is one SEARCHING for an IDENTITY and SEEKING a PLAYOFF BIRTH while they have the TALENT they have at RB.

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