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TRENDING: RM3 recovering "AHEAD OF SCHEDULE" from Achilles Injury.

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

It was a YEAR AGO, that we heard the Falfurrias Jerseys RB was to be SIDELINED for the better half of his SOPHOMORE SEASON due to injury, amidst a DOWN YEAR for the Jerseys Varsity Football team, the HARD TIMES only CONTINUED to PILE UP, as the team LEARNED one of their players was DECLARED hurt and OUT FOR THE SEASON with an ACHILLES tear,

Not to be concerned, according to our "Day One Vibes RESEARCH department",

the UPSTART RB is RUMORED to ALREADY BE BACK TRAINING for his JUNIOR SEASON with his HOMETOWN Jerseys. SPECULATION has COURSED our departments, from media, to relations, to talent acquisition, as VIDEOS AQUIRED BY our "Day One Vibes collaboration team" seem to SHOW that "RM3" is looking "well ahead of schedule" in his REHAB progress and EXPECTED to be BACK ON THE FIELD come FALL of 2022.

GOOD NEWS... Good News indeed, for the COACHING STAFF of the Falfurrias Football Jerseys. The BRIGHT SPOT being the ANTICIPATED RETURN of their ATHLETE OF THE WEEK, Rene Martinez III.

Now the HYPE does NOT come without WARRANT, as "RM3" has CRAFTED quite the resume in his STILL YOUNG career, from POP WARNER NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS, to being NOMINATED and SELECTED, as THE CORPUS CHRISTI CALLER TIMES "ATHLETE OF THE WEEK" (before FALLING to an ACHILLES TEAR) and STILL being named a RB TO WATCH in 2022 TX HS FOOTBALL and a TOP RB in the 2024 CLASS. (as seen below per.

Will the TALENTED RB have a BOUNCE BACK season?

Will the Jerseys become PLAYOFF CONTENDERS?


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