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T.R.U.E. Artist HITS 200,000 streams on SPOTIFY in ONE YEAR, READ MORE:

Updated: Nov 18

This has been AN EXPLOSIVE YEAR for the Falfurrias Texas rapper D.I.G., and it is ending NO DIFFERENT as he is finishing his HISTORIC 2023 with a HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT.

Designed Individually Gifted has CEMENTED HIS STATUS in #FALTX rap history as he EARNED 200,000 streams in ONE YEAR, on Spotify, to close out what could be ONE of the SINGLE MOST HISTORIC hip hop years in Falfurrias rap.

The final THREE MONTHS of 2023 were EXTREMELY ACTIVE for the Falfurrias Texas entertainer with DROPS like "Invested" "I'm Just Saying" and "Nonstop", and the still HIGHLY ANTICIPATED "No Shine" and "Fire in the Booth" to go along with TWO VISUALS, one for the HIT SINGLE "Sippin' Champagne" as it SURPASSED 20,000 STREAMS on SPOTIFY, the SECOND for "Invested" after it did its OWN 20,000 streams on Spotify, and ANOTHER ONE being promised after the Halloween 2023 release "Nonstop" BLEW UP and is EYEING DOWN 20,000 SPOTIFY STREAMS in THREE WEEKS.

Over 200 THOUSANDS Spotify streams in ONE YEAR....

EVERY one of D.I.G.s songs in 2023 seeing 10,000+ plays....

MUSIC VIDEOS that are getting INCREASINGLY better in quality.....

The Realest Underground Entertainment is MOVING at a PREMIUM pace as EACH MOVE continues to prove itself to be further progress for the MASSIVE FALTX MUSIC MOVEMENT.

(Below you can see Spotify Stats that show the LEGENDARY year for the Falfurrias Music Label, T.R.U.E. and D.I.G.)

You can continue to follow the South Texas music movement on Rumble @designedigifted and @TRUEntertainment, you can also follow on YouTube @ T.R.U.E. and on Spotify @T.R.U.E. @D.I.G. @Tone Gee @TRUE Ry-Lo @TRUE Merkk @Chach W The Heat.

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