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T.R.U.E. or Rumor: BAMBINO and D.I.G. working on NEW MUSIC? Coming Soon?

Hebbronvilles own, "Bambino" is an ARTIST who is making his name KNOWN and HEARD in the NEW SOUTH TEXAS MUSIC ecosystem. The young lyricist has delivered TIME after TIME with STORY after STORY, TRACK after TRACK. This time.... he's tagging in a STAR in his OWN right, someone who has made his name KNOWN LOUD and CLEAR in the NEW MECCA, someone with a RESUME which speaks for itself, T.R.U.E. artist "D.I.G".

There are NO KNOWN REPORTS of what the 2 STAR songwriters are up to, but we do know we can expect a MASSIVE TRACK coming. The South Texas artists are EXPECTEDLY working to DELIVER a SINGLE to their FOLLOWERS, FANS, and SUPPORTERS for the FIRST TIME EVER!


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