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BREAKING: TAPOLOGY Poll gives "Cornfed" JUST 3% chance to WIN

Mixed Martial arts WEBSITE does POLLS for EVERY MMA fight happening in the world of fighting..

...that being said, Reese "Cornfed" Forest (1-3), the FALFURRIAS PRODUCT, is set to square off with FORMER Collegiate Wrestler out of the University of Minnesota, and #13 ranked Joel Bauman (4-2) in a Light Heavyweight bout on May 8th (Mothers Day) at the Bert Ogden Arena in Edinburgh, Texas.

Cornfed is pegged the HUGE UNDERDOG heading into this weekends bout as he ONLY received 3% of the COMPLETE voting haul in the poll. 40 voters and 97% voted AGAINST Forest. How does the EXPERIENCED FIGHTER handle the EXPECTATIONS coming back 2 years later... he is his BIGGEST FAN and LARGEST CRITIC as he tells the III & D: "Saenz" in Sports podcast "I feel completely CONFIDENT and COMFORTABLE in my abillities and my preparation.... some say its RING RUST, i say im WELL RESTED"

The South Texas kid has been AWAY FROM THE CAGE for 2 YEARS due to a layoff DEMANDED by the death of BOTH his PARENTS. Forest BATTLED THROUGH, and OVERCAME a series of HIS OWN fights OUTSIDE the CAGE with ANXIETY, DEPRESSION and ALCOHOLISM before FINDING his WAY BACK to his PASSION and being REFOCUSED and RECENTERED on what HE FEELS is his NEW PURPOSE. He credits his FAMILY, his WIFE, and his CO WORKERS who became his TRAINING PARTNERS with being able to BOUNCE BACK from what he calls "The BIG Break".

The 33 year old has TRAINED, and WORKED his way into shape and is NOW SET TO RETURN, fighting at 205 pounds, facing a formidable opponent in Bauman. The RETURNING striker has a BIG ROADBLOCK in his way, on his JOURNEY BACK to where he left off... TITLE CONTENDER.

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