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Tone Gee SURPRISES internet with BRAND NEW track, "Sicker Than Your Average"

You don't always hear from the BIG STAR "Tone Gee", but EVERY TIME you do, ITS IMPACTFUL. The T.R.U.E. legend SURPRISED the internet when he DROPPED a BRAND NEW SONG called "Sicker Than Your Average" to the teams Youtube page and to his Facebook. We haven't heard from the "Hopeless" rapper in a while, but he MADE SURE to REMIND ANYONE who forgot, EXACTLY who he is and what he's seen.

With BARZ, SUBSTANCE and FLOW, the track became AN INSTANT CLASSIC for Tone Gee to ADD to his resume. With SO MUCH potential, and SO MUCH presence, the CHARISMATIC artist is FAR FROM FINISHED when it comes to the music. The only question is, WHEN?, WHEN will the YOUNG LEGEND decide to speak again.

We will bring you ANY NEW UPDATES and DROPS about the "For the Paper" rapper, and/ or the T.R.U.E. label RIGHT HERE at DAYONEVIBES dot com.


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