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VVM FOUNDER A2J on first HOT STREAK of his STILL YOUNG career!

Updated: May 7, 2021

A2J is a fairly new name to the SoTx music scene, but he hasn't one bit let that slow him down "In the Race".

The "I am Legend" rapper has been making his own way with BIG MOVES under the NEWLY SELF BRANDED "Villain Vision Music" label. From SINGLE after SINGLE drop on SOUNDCLOUD and YOUTUBE, to even ADDING NEW TALENT to the label, in the signing of new face "Kelsee" to the roster.

Making sure people remember the movement. The Falfurrias artist is on a HOT STREAK and is looking to further enter his name into the conversation.

What can we expect NEXT from VVM?

#VVM #dayonevibes #A2J #Kelsee #TRUE

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