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"Wrasslin" Talkos" are "New, Fun & Fresh". Find Out More:

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

First things first, you can FIND "WrasslinTalkos" @WrasslinTalkos on INSTAGRAM and @EmoseWaProductions on YOUTUBE. Go LIKE, FOLLOW, SUBSCRIBE, and most importantly ENJOY the NEW, FUN, and FRESH insight to PROFESSIONAL, and INDEPENDENT WRESTLING... brought to you STRAIGHT FROM the DYNAMIC HUSBAND and WIFE DUO of Franco Hernandez (on Facebook) and Tiffany Marie Hernandez (on Facebook).

Wrasslin Talkos provides UNIQUE INSIGHT to the FOREVER BUZZING independent wrestling scene. With NEW, FUN, and FRESH ways to introduce and interview talented wrestlers across Texas, the HARD WORKING DUO that is Wrasslin Talkos crafted their own "niche" in the game, so to speak, with their "unorthodox style" UwU interview segments that they connected and paired with their PHOTOGRAPHY, HIGHLIGHTS, and PODCAST, to create a MOVING, THRIVING business model for themselves to GIVE BACK content to their friends, supporters and followers who share their PASSION for WRESTLING.

The TEXAS DUO has managed to increased their ONLINE PRESENCE significantly from 2018, when they INITIALLY chose, and decided to pursue their DREAMS, to THREE YEARS LATER in 2021 when they BECAME A NAME for ONLINE FANS in the local INDEPENDENT WRESTLING COMMUNITY.

On the UNORTHODOX channel of the Wrasslin Talkos you will find INTERVIEWs with WRESTLERS, HIGHLIGHTS from various shows, and COVERAGE of the WHOLE WORLD that is PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING and SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT. If you are an avid follower of wrestling and haven’t ALREADY SEEN them.. we imagine it won’t be long before they pop up on the screen and timeline of EVERY WRESTLING FAN online.

FOLLOW the "WRASSLIN TALKOS" Franco Hernandez (on Facebook) and Tiffany Marie Hernandez (on Facebook).

@WrasslinTalkos on INSTAGRAM and

@EmoseWaProductions on YOUTUBE.

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